Retargeting customers that are yet to purchase from you should be paramount for every business. Statistics reveal that retargeting ads can boost your ad response by up to 400%.

Every business would love to have such results but most do not know how to go about that. 

Now, most business with the intent to increase revenue would usually run adverts to drive engagement with their brand periodically. Facebook (& Instagram) has made it so easy now with their Boost and Promote button but I observe a lot of users of these platforms are not maximizing the use of the ads being run.

So you run ads, potential customer engages with your post or ad, they check out what is being offered, some would buy and others would leave.

For you not to waste the opportunity presented for future engagements with both categories of people, it is essential to capture their contact information (Name, Number, Email, Location etc) if they engage with your ad/post.

The less information you ask for the better because data shows that customers are less likely to give their details if ask for too much. 2 or 3 details should be good, just ensure you choose the most important details required for your business. 

If you have these contact details, it gives you the opportunity to (1) Re-market (retarget) those contacts that did not buy from you, and (2) upsell other products or service to those that patronized you.

Tools like Google form or Type form are great for this purpose if you do not have a website.

Here is how it works: You create a form on the platforms (Google form or Type form) suited to the contact information you wish to get from your contacts. A link is generated which can be shared anywhere you choose – SMS, WhatsApp, Bio on social media.

If you have a website, a form can be embedded on every page for your customer to fill in their details.

So get your potential and loyal customers contact information for future revenues generation campaigns.

Contact us for forms on your wordpress web page or if you wish to create forms for your social media platforms.

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