Using social media for business is no longer an option. It has become crucial for every business owner to prioritize building an engaging and effective social media presence.

This, however, has proven to be challenging for busy business owners, who due to time constraint or lack of expert knowledge, are unable to juggle their vast array of responsibilities and content generation for their social media platforms.

To have an effective campaign, you need a strategy; you need someone to implement and manage the campaign, to assess the effectiveness of the campaign. You need a social media manager.

Here are 5 reasons you need to hire a social media manager to get your engagement game on and strengthen your business’s online presence.

Saved Time

Social media is time-consuming, you need a dedicated hand to manage customers engagement; Complaint resolution, give a response to inquiries, build relationship etc. Most times a business owner will be too busy to be bogged down with customer engagement. A dedicated hand will save you time so you can focus on the other aspects of your business

Strategy Implementation

Your social media platforms should be managed strategically in alignment with the business objective per time. It will do the business no good to post random content which will not benefit the brand. A social media manager will ensure there is a consistent social content, consistent voice, and continuous engagement.

Performance Measurement

Without guessing, brand awareness, lead generation, and customer engagement will be at the top of your business requirement from social media. With available tools, a social media manager can help Manage and Track your business KPIs and campaign, review the strategy and/or adopt different strategies where necessary to ensure you are you are engaging your target audience and getting traction.

Platform Expert

There are usually new features and algorithms in the digital marketing industry, which is difficult to keep up with.  A social media manager has expert knowledge of Social media channels and is equipped to recommend the current trend that will help generate the desired result.

 Increased Brand Loyalty

Your followers, customers, and prospects will engage more with your brand when it has a lot to offer. A social media manager will make sure that your business’s social outlets are filled with interesting and helpful content and techniques. This will reward your brand with Loyalty, increased sales and profit.


Are you ready to get started? Bellavi Media offers Social Media Management specific to your company’s requirements. For more information on our Social Media Management services contact us by visiting our web page or on 08044446124.


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