Elon musk said “if you do not have a reliable way to get clients you are RUNNING A HOBBY AND NOT A BUSINESS”.


Whether you run a B2B or B2C business, you should be generating leads or gaining new customers consistently.

Many tactics can be used but here are the 2 most efficient and effective that can be easily implemented for startups` or established businesses.




SEARCH TRAFFIC – leverages on content creation


Searching for information or solution online is now the norm, thanks to the digital age. Invariably, any business or brand giving valuable content online gets the attention of potential buyers.


For your business to get traction, you need to have a content marketing strategy in place that positions your business as an authority and should give your ideal customer SOLUTIONS TO THEIR PAIN POINTS.


Your content strategy can be posts on your social media pages, blog post on your website or as guest article on popular blogs.


The next important step is to create links in your content (blog or social media posts) that takes your visitor to your sales page or landing page.


This helps you pitch your offer  and capture information of leads interested in your offer.


This strategy works for all niches of business except your clients are not online.





It’s hard to get attention online because there is so much content published on a daily basis.


Winning in business is a game of numbers. The higher the number of potential customers that see your content, the higher your chance of getting customers and making profit.


To achieve this objective quickly, you should use Paid Ads (facebook & Instagram ads and Google ads). Most importantly, run ads where your potential clients can be found.


 I dare to say that you are better off running ads to your content or sales/landing page than wait to be discovered.


Both tactics (search and paid) should be combined for faster results and higher conversions of qualified leads.


No business can go wrong with these two combined.


You can get this done for your business without breaking the bank. I will always say, invest in building your business now and don’t wait till you are desperate.


Contact me for a strategy session that would enable you generate leads for your business on a consistent basis.

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