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Do You Struggle with ...

Did you constantly struggle like I did? Then, I know you can relate with my experience

Just like you,

I struggled for a very long time to make money online because I built my business on two(2) fundamental mistakes.

The first mistake I made was relying on social media, and expecting people to find me. Secondly, I expected to leverage on the people I knew to make sales.

I didn’t know how to attract customers to the service I was offering online. 

Due to this, I would go for weeks without anyone contacting me or making a sale. This meant I was often without money.  It was hard for me because I could not meet up with my responsibility, and had to borrow to survive.

I tried out a few tricks I heard about, but I made no headway. I spoke with a few people but only made few sales. There was a time I posted content online five times a day and still there was no traction.

Until I met a coach online, who showed me the strategy to attracting customers online consistently.

I use it in my business and it always delivers. EVERY TIME. 

I no longer search frantically  for customers online. That was a thing of the past.tried

Like i did, You most definitely...


Here is how you can Get Started Today!

The Great News is that I’ve created a Brand New  Video Training Program that takes you by the hand on how to position your product and service  for massive flood of Buyers for your business.

But first, here is what you need to do

1.  Launch your product /service. Ensure it has a great offer that cannot be resisted by your potential customer

2. If you intend to use social media in your strategy, create a social media page, and begin to post about the benefits.

3. Create a freebie you can gift potential customers. This will enable people discover you online and experience you.  Set up a landing page for the freebie.

4. Use paid ads to increase awareness about the freebie.

5. Set-up Sales Pages for your product / service.

6. Set-up an automated payment system.

The first three steps are up to you and the good news is

I can help you achieve the last Four steps with this step by step video DIY training

Your Investment


I Want It… But, Will This System Work For My Business?

I understand your reason for doubting, but this works for all types of business, whether it is a product or service based business

First, Let's Have This Major Concern Out Of The Way... A Disclaimer!!

As a Digital Marketing Strategist, I have helped several businesses in different niches generate leads and customers have also trained several others to apply the same tactic in their business, however the results  you will get, may differ.

Here is the reason:

My observation is that most of the people who buy online programs do not eventually implement what they’ve learnt. This means they will not get any results. You can only get the result once you implement.

Bear in mind that running a business requires the business owner to consistently go against the tide and take risk. If you’re not willing to try out what you’ve learnt, then this program is not for you.

With this stated, let’s get into the program.

You can learn to design landing page even if you cannot code.

 YOU CAN MAKE MONEY while you sleep : let your landing pages do the selling for you.

Here Is What to do...

buy this course to learn how to create an automated system that converts to sales

Guaranteed Results...

We Have A 30-day & 100% Money Back Performance Guarantee…

It’s simple… If you have not generated at least 30 qualified leads for your business within the first 30 days of using your  Landing Page + our Lead Generation Formula”, we will fire ourselves & you can ask for your money back!

Our Formula… Will Work For 100% Of The People Who Put In 100% Of The Work & Time!

Our role is to accelerate the sale of your Service, Products (Physical or E-products) and remove the lead & sales generation challenge. Also, you’re covered with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee, that’s no questions asked.

See How i got numerous leads and customers because i used a landing page

Your Investment



Suitable for those who want to Learn to Do it yourself


When You Join Today, You’ll Also Get These Free Bonus Gifts!


Getting leads and customers require certain lead generation strategies. Learn how I have helped my customers do this, the same way the industry leaders attract leads continuously to their business to get leads and customers and increase their revenue consistently.

( VALUE N20,000 )


Learn how to configure a payment system for your business. It enables you get paid even while you sleep. You don’t need to send anybody your account number, they simply pay to your account and you get alert.

( VALUE N10,000 )


The best way to attract customers to your landing page is to give a free gift which is called a lead magnet. After you give your lead magnet you can redirect your customer to your sales page. Learn this amazing sales funnel hack in this bonus.

( VALUE N10,000 )


Collect your money in foreign currency from customers by using flutterwave. Learn how to create an account for yourself here.

( VALUE N10,000 )



It is not enough to create a page, you need to create awareness about your page, and get the right people to see what you have to offer. This is the secret to getting leads and customers. This step by step Facebook ads guide will bring in the people you need in order to generate revenue consistently.

( VALUE N15,000 )


It’s useless trying to figure out how to create a landing page from beginning to the end. I have a guideline for you that will reduce the time taken to complete yours.

( VALUE N20,000 )


Learn to position your business to look more professional and credible? Learn how to configure official email here.

( VALUE N10,000 )

Who is this Program for?

It is for all businesses that wishes to make money online, close clients, scale their business, or simply to attract new leads and customers.

If you sell a product or offer a service or you are a start -up or an established business.

As long as your customers are online, you need a landing page


We have used this Landing Page Strategy for OUR CLIENTS And They Are Able To Generate More Leads and Close More Clients…

Leads and Sales are ALWAYS pouring in anytime we use it…


One of our clients even called us one day to turn off her Lead Generating Machine… because she couldn’t keep up with the leads.

We hope you can keep up with the leads and sales your landing/sales page will give to you!

Don’t worry…

We can help you build your landing/sales page if you don’t want to build it yourself. We’ll be using our in -house sales page resource.

Here’s The BEST Way To WIN BIG & Make Your Competitors Irrelevant

If your competitors are NOT using ..Landing pages and freebie offers… Then you have an unfair advantage over them – only if you start using it today.

That means… You can start generating more buyer leads and close sales faster.


Most frequently Asked questions and answers

Once you enroll, you will be granted a life time access.

Yes, you can. It’s super easy to download it to your devices and watch anytime, anywhere.

No, It can only be built with a laptop or desktop.

You’ll be added to a what’sapp group after payment. All questions will be answered there. You can also contact me via what’sapp chat

Yes, you need a website if  you want to be seen as a credibility business and to stand out as an Authority .

This course has been heavily discounted. If you place value on learning how to build pages now, it will save you thousand in cash in the future. 

No, It has a step by step guide that anybody can follow.

Yes, this Program is also for people who are just starting out and those that have established businesses, but have not built landing pages for each of the products or services. 

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Who is behind this training?

Abimbola Umozurike - Facebook Ads Geek

Hi! I’m Abimbola aka The queen of Ads and I’ve got a passion to help …YOU. The DREAMER. The DO-ER. The ENTREPRENEUR. You have a message you need to share with the world and I’m the girl to help you do that.

See, the thing is… you’re good at what you do. You know that. But you might not be so great at selling it. And the thought of creating a marketing plan or Facebook Ads makes you want to run and hide. I get it. Learn how to create profitable ads from me.

I’ve been training business owners on how to use Facebook ads to grow their business for over a few years and I know how to simplify it so that you get it from the first try. 


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