Learn how to run EFFECTIVE ads and BLOW UP your customer pipeline consistently with leads and customers

Did you constantly struggle like I did? Then, I know you can relate with my experience

Just like you,

I struggled for a very long time to make money online because I built my business on two(2) fundamental mistakes.

The first mistake I made was relying on social media, and expecting people to find me. Secondly, I expected to leverage on the people I knew to make sales.

I didn’t know how to attract customers to the service I was offering online. 

Due to this, I would go for weeks without anyone contacting me or making a sale. This meant I was often without money.  It was hard for me because I could not meet up with my responsibility, and had to borrow to survive.

I tried out a few tricks I heard about, but I made no headway. I spoke with a few people but only made few sales. There was a time I posted content online five times a day and still there was no traction.

Until I met a coach online, who showed me the strategy to attracting customers online consistently.

I use it in my business and it always delivers. EVERY TIME. 

I no longer search frantically  for customers online. That was a thing of the past.

Are you DESPERATE for a change from…

If Yes, then this is definitely for you

Internet has made it easy for everyone to do business.

But are you visible online?

How may people contacted you for business over last week?

Did you hit your sales target or you don’t have a target since sales is gotten by luck.

My name is Abimbola. I have helped over 150 businesses to set up systems that have increased their sales in the last 4 years.

Imagine if your business gets to be seen by at least over 10,000 people everyday imagine how many seals that will bring you.

Like you are used to struggle to get customers online until I discovered a secret.

I would like to share that secret with you, only if you are willing to have an open mind set to learn new strategies that will change your life forever.

I want you to drop whatever you’re doing and pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you

I have prepared a step by step video course that will show you can attract more leads and customers to your business that you have ever seen or experience

First, Let's Have This Major Concern Resolved...A Disclaimer!!

As a Digital Marketing Strategist, I have helped several businesses in different niches generate leads and customers have also trained several others to apply the same tactic in their business, however the results  you will get, may differ.

Here is the reason:

My observation is that most of the people who buy online programs do not eventually implement what they’ve learnt. This means they will not get any results. You can only get the result once you implement.

Bear in mind that running a business requires the business owner to consistently go against the tide and take risk. If you’re not willing to try out what you’ve learnt, then this program is not for you.

With this stated, let’s get into the program.

Anytime you post online only about 4% of your followers get to see your post so if you want to make more money online you need to strategically putting your business in front of those that are interested in buying from you or interested in the types of product or service that you offer.

That’s why it is very essential to run Ads.

But, competition is stiff and running ads alone wont just work and they why i want to introduce to a formula that works every time when you combine it with Facebook ads.

Facebook ads + our secret formula



Imagine if you have a Proven System that Floods your Business Daily with Repeat Sales on Autopilot:

Have a Daily Consistent Income

Get Repeat Buyers daily in your Business

You’re able to Grow your Business



Here Are Benefits you stand to get from this video Course

This Training Is For You If... Are You Still Struggling To Get More Customers To Buy From You

  • Facebook Ads have been on your “bucket list” but you just haven’t gotten around to them yet
  • You’ve been running Facebook Ads, but haven’t been getting results (or aren’t sure if your results are good!)
  • You’re worried about flushing money down the toilet and want to avoid that from the get-go
  • You’re ready to invest in growing your list because you know that’s where the money’s at!
  • Facebook keeps disapproving your ad. 
  • You have issue with making payment because your card is not been accepted.
  • If your ad account was disabled because you tried running ad to a health niche.

You've probably heard that any type of business can use Facebook Ads... but you wonder if this is for you

This course is for ANY small business owner or corporate organizations whose customers hang out on Facebook or Instagram. Here, you will learn to leverage on Facebook to make a return on your investment on the platform. This training will cover everything you need to increase your sales online



If you are currently selling physical products or ecommerce then this course is a perfect fit for you.
 Learn how to PROFITABLY scale winning campaigns using advanced strategies


If you are  selling ANY type of digital product such as an online course, eBook or Recipe this course was MADE FOR YOU!

 Learn the basics of the Facebook Ad platform and build a rock-solid foundation.

SERVICE Based Business

If you are marketing a service, this course will teach you to run PROFITABLE traffic to find those that want your service..
You’ll Learn how to test the ad creative cutting-edge A/B testing and retargeting strategies that will help MAXIMIZE your profits.


Take A Sneak Peek At The Content Inside


Suitable for those who want to Learn to Do it yourself


When You Join Today, You’ll Also Get These Free Bonus Gifts!


Learn how to configure a payment system for your business. It enables you get paid even while you sleep you don’t need people to send anybody your account number they simply pay to your account and you get alert.

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Collect your money in foreign currency from customers by using flutterwave. Learn how to create an account for yourself here.

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Learn how to run one of the best Facebook ad strategy to convert cold traffic to people who want to buy.

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Having payment issues? Learn how to fund your ad account with Naira Mastercard or visa card with PayU. This is for you if you are funding from your laptop.

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Video gives you the lowest ad cost and highest engagement rate

Learn how to create your own video for your ads. 

This will enable you gain more return on investment than any other creative.

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Learn how to fund your Facebook Dollar account.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

My No#1 priority is for you to generate leads and customers for your business. I know being a small business owner is hard work. It gets even harder when you have a family to feed, that’s why I do my best to help other entrepreneurs like you. 

I stand by my product 100%, no matter what. No questions asked, no if, no buts, no holds barred, no fine print.  If, for any reason, you are not happy with the purchase, I will solve it. Refund your money, send you an updated version, provide you with extra tools, whatever it takes. Just reach out, I have your back.

Your happiness. Guaranteed.


Training has been simplified, anyone will learn quickly.


This program is a combination of my BEST result in my business and that of my customer. It is invaluable if it is applied to any business. I should be charging a huge fee for it like N350,000 but because I love to share valuable information and i also love to help businesses grow, I have decided to give this training at an affordable price without breaking the bank. 

This offer is available at a limited time. And you can get started now from the comfort of your own home.



If you prefer to make a transfer, kindly transfer to Abimbola Umozurike Sterling Bank 0011132597


Send a screen shot to 08044446124 and someone will immediately get in touch with you

Who is behind this training?

Abimbola Umozurike - Facebook Ads Geek

Hi! I’m Abimbola aka The queen of Ads and I’ve got a passion to help …YOU. The DREAMER. The DO-ER. The ENTREPRENEUR. You have a message you need to share with the world and I’m the girl to help you do that.  

See, the thing is… you’re good at what you do. You know that. But you might not be so great at selling it. And the thought of creating a marketing plan or Facebook Ads makes you want to run and hide. I get it. Learn how to create profitable ads from me.

I’ve been training business owners on how to use Facebook ads to grow their business for over a few years and i know how to simplify it so that you get it from the first try.