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I saw a long-time friend who needed help with her business. She found it difficult to get new customers.

I asked her how she had been getting customers in the past and she said ‘Cold Calling’ and ‘Begging People’ she knew to patronise her.

Immediately, I knew she was in big trouble and would soon go out of business.

I asked her to show me her business model. She had nothing to show, except an Instagram and Facebook page.

I advised her of the need to set up a professional website and landing page for the business.

We set up both, and next, I asked her for what her customers MAIN ISSUES were.

Once we both figured it out, i asked her to write an e-book that resolves that main issue.

I set up another AUTOMATED landing page for it, so that her potential customers could download the e-book and automatically, we would get their contact details (Emails and Phone number).

I ran SUCCESSFUL FACEBOOK ADS and GOOGLE ADS to it and next thing I predicted happened, THE HEAVENS OPENED.

She started getting calls left right and centre . 

People were asking her how she could help them RESOLVE the same issue. 

You can predict what happened next, she had too many request from people who were willing to PAY her for her service. 

My job was done, she paid me off handsomely and today she goes home smiling to the bank and too tired in the night because she has so much to do.

This can be you in your business, if only you put the right systems in place.

If you have been finding it difficult to get leads and customers in your business, I CAN HELP YOU as i did for my friend.

This is for you if 

  • You want to grow your business online, but you have NO IDEA where to start?
  • You have a company that's been successful, but for some reason you're feeling stuck?
  • You trying to figure out a way to reach more people, and make more sales online?
  • You want to set up your business  but you’ve wasted so much valuable time and energy on random stuff, when you could have been actually signing clients and making MONEY, and wish to know how to set up a business profitably online.
  • Are you convinced that you need a strategy, but you aren't quite sure what steps to take?
  • I can help you clarify your digital framework that gets you making money in your business.

See how i generated leads for my business in 3 days without ads


I can help you clarify your digital framework that gets you making money in your business.

Book a strategy course at a negotiable fee from N20,000.

When you sign up, we discuss for 2 hours your customer journey mapping in order to come up with strategies suited to your business. 

Here is what you get from the strategy session

Customer Attraction

I help you identify a unique strategy suited to your business  for brand awareness.

Some of the solutions to be considered are 

  • Sales pages and website set up
  • Online advertisement
  • AD copy
  • Creative design


I help you identify opportunities to get leads and capture their contact information for follow up and retargeting purposes. . The options to be discussed are

  • Set up of systems to capture leads on all your online platforms  
  • Lead magnet recommendation . Lead magnets inspire visitors to share their contact information.
  • Database Management

Nurture Prospective Clients

90% of visitors will not buy from you the first time they come in contact with your ad or brand.

We will discuss systems to be set up for lead engagement. the objective is to nuture them until they buy from you.

This system can be automated, to enable you to have time for other important strategic aspects of your business.

Sample Nurturing solutions we provide are:

  • Social Media Page management
  • Chatbot
  • What’s app group
  • Email Marketing 


Your business needs to remain at top of mind with your customers. We recommend strategies that will foster referrals and repeat business

  • Surveys to measure customer satisfaction
  • Email marketing
  • Blog post 
  • Social media posts

Client's feedback

You need someone who will create a world standard sales page for you? You need someone who has a listening ear? You need someone who sets up your sales page with passion and professionalism....then stop the search. @queenofadsng is your go to person. Thanks for making one of my 2020 goals come through in such a short time.
Toyin owowade
I met Abimbola, Queen Of Ads through a colleague at the time i was struggling to run ads for my courses and my training classes, it was too much for me to handle, my ad campaign, keeping up with posting and doing my regular job. she made it easy for me, she was able to understand what I needed especially the people that I was targeting, I could trust her with all my information, I could turn to her, my ads are running , I was getting the right conversion, she really helped me , it has really been awesome especially in the Girl's Skillup program without her I don’t know how I would have managed with all the social media engagement at that time because she took it over ran all the campaign, calling and doing follow up on my behalf I really owe a lot to her. Thank you for all you have done for the girl skill up school.
Joy Igbodike
JB Furniture School

Who Is this system For?

This framework will work with for all online businesses, that are desirous of consistently bringing in new customers and clients.


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We handle the complex aspects of your business, taking away the overwhelm, and help you hit your business goals.

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Abimbola Umozurike


(Queen Of Ads)

We are a digital marketing agency.

Founded by Abimbola Umozurike  – Queen Of ADs

Our goal is to provide  businesses with digital solutions that will generate more affordable LEADS and close more SALES – automatically. 

We have helped other business to generate multiple customers and grow their buyer leads for their business with our simple but effective frame work.

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How Can we help?

We are a digital marketing agency.

Founded by Abimbola Umozurike  – Queen Of ADs

Our goal is to provide  businesses with digital solutions that will generate more affordable LEADS and close more SALES – automatically. 

We help you get your business in front of people that need it and are willing to pay for it by using highly converting digital strategy.

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